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Small business publicity at your fingertips 

Make a small, one off investment and get free publicity forever

ONLY $195.00

Achieve small business publicity and learn how to create a 'do-it- yourself' PR campaign

TJW Public Relations offers DIY PR Kits that allow businesses to harness the skills of media relations and achieve small business publicity in-house. Get help with PR by implementing a cost effective PR tactic that will see you generate thousands of dollars worth of PR.

Save thousands of dollars in advertising and PR consultancy fees.

It’s like having professional PR advice on call when you need it.

Who should have a DIY PR Kit?

Our DIY PR Kits are for businesses that:

– Want to generate media exposure and publicity in-house by using a fast and effective step-by-step process.

– Don’t have the budget to invest in in-house or outsourced PR professionals.

– Want PR activities that are tailored to SME needs.

– Want to trial PR activities in-house first before outsourcing or hiring a professional.

What is in a DIY PR Kit?
PR tips for startups

Our DIY PR Kits come with the following PR tools to help you generate free publicity:

How to “step-by-step” Guides for a Complete PR Campaign

– How to generate a media list

– How to implement a PR campaign

– How to measure results and ROI

– How to maximise your PR exposure

Pitch Templates and Tools

– Opinion article template

– Announcement template

– Expert opinion template

– Product review template

– Event announcement template

– Media release template

– Media release example

– Newsworthy angles sheet

Tailored Guidelines Document

– 1 page document on how to use this kit specifically for your business (e.g. names of publications to approach and what newsworthy stories and angles your business should be pitching to get media attention).

How do I get a DIY PR Kit?

Please read & accept Terms and Conditions of Sale.

If you would like to pay via another method, please Contact us, and we will happily accommodate your payment preference. 

– Within 24 hours of receiving your payment,  5 questions about your business will be emailed to you (this Q&A will allow us to tailor the “guidelines document” section of the kit to fit with your business and goals).

– Once we receive your answers, we will develop the tailored document section of your kit and email you the full DIY PR Kit within 3 business days.

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