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Here is a snapshot of the feedback and results we have got for some small-to-medium businesses across Australia.

You may also want to take a look at some of the media exposure examples we have got for some of clients.



Our ongoing PR campaign has produced fantastic results. With over 40 articles published for our numerous brands, we can tell by the conversations that we are having with our target customers that our brand awareness has significantly increased. Thank you. – Murray McDonald, Director, Duplex Infection Control


Wine Barrel Cleaning

The publicity you got for our product launch was exactly what we needed. We received a number of quality leads from these write-ups. Looking forward to our continuing partnership – Martin Tung, Marketing Manager, Wine Barrel Cleaning Australia


String Musicians Australia

Tania Willett has handled our PR for our three businesses over the last four years. Despite the businesses being quite different; a string quartet booking agency, men’s designer shoes retail chain, and a music instrument trade website, she has delivered excellent results in all three. Our write-up in ‘The Age’ was a huge success, and we owe Tania a great deal for that one publication alone! Her ongoing communication and dedication is second to none, and we look forward to our continued venture with her. – Jennen Ngiau-Keng, Director, String Musicians Australia


Tapout Energy

You definitely understand the target market we are after! The product exposure opportunities that you have secured for us so far have been well organised, targeted and really got us in front of the “active and fit” demographic. Our product opportunity with Bicycle Queensland is just one example of your skills, so thanks again. – Brad Holland, Marketing Manager, Tapout Energy


Direct Mailbox

Our Internal multimedia team worked so well with the direction and copywriting services you provided for our website. Our website now communicates clear call to actions. The increase in our enquiry rate is a true testament to your work. – Lorenzo Balbinot, Sales Manager, Direct Mailbox


Green Cleaning

After discussing our business with you, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that we can also get publicity for our business. We were really happy with the media exposure that we have received so far, as well as the engaging monthly newsletters that you have created for us. Well done. – Nilantha, Manager, Green Cleaning

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