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PR on Demand

PR and marketing advice at your fingertips

Are you looking for a simple and tailored step-by-step marketing plan?

Although there are countless blogs and self-help articles out there to help you promote your business, lots of small businesses are just looking for tailored and practical advice to start putting into action today.

Our easy and convenient email advice service allows small businesses to;

– Ask questions

– Receive personalised answers from a marketing professional

– Get a tailored and practical step-by-step plan for their chosen marketing needs.

Through our email advice service, get all this for a fraction of the cost of traditional outsourcing fees.

Do-it-yourself marketing for small businesses has never been easier.

Get best practice PR advice for small business sent straight to your inbox

Our PR & marketing advice 

Our aim is to help you get the most out of your online, social media, digital marketing and PR activities so that you have the confidence to tackle these areas on your own.

Sometimes businesses don’t require an ongoing contract or a consultancy to drive their PR and marketing tactics for them.

With tailored guidance and a step-by-step plan, many small-to-medium businesses can then implement their own PR and marketing activities and get results.

Examples of marketing and PR advice we provide include:

Strategic and online marketing advice

Public relations advice

Content marketing direction

Advertising and direct mail strategies

How to set-up a freelance PR business

Is this marketing service for you and your business? 

If you are looking for best practice marketing and PR advice that relates specifically to your business without paying thousands, then this is the service for you.

This service is particularly for…

–  Businesses that would like to raise their PR and marketing efforts and need some professional direction.

– Businesses that have the resources in-house to conduct their own marketing activities.

– Businesses that need more PR and marketing ideas specific to their business.

– Marketing, PR or business professionals that are looking to up-skill in PR or looking for guidance in setting-up their own PR freelance business.

Get best practice marketing advice through the click of a button 

Want to know the best way to get media coverage for your business?

Want to know how to get the most out of social media?

Want to know how to create a tailored online PR strategy

No matter your PR and marketing related questions, get tailored and detailed guidance from a marketing professional sent direct to your inbox. 


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