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How to get Media Coverage for your Business | PR Campaigns
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PR Campaigns

We help your brand find its unique voice and get media coverage for your business

Reap the publicity benefits of a targeted, short-term PR campaign.

Do you ever watch the news, read a magazine or listen to the radio and come across your competitor? Do you think…”how did they get that exposure?”

Get media exposure for business is cost effective and a powerful marketing tactic


The answer more than likely is that they conducted a PR campaign. It involves strategy and tailored media pitching.

Journalists are on the look out everyday for new stories, angles, events and newsworthy content.

The way to get in front of them is to find the right angle, create the right message and offer something to the media that is of real value to their audience.

That is where conducting a short-term PR campaign comes in.

Does your business have an announcement to make?

If you have an announcement to make such as the launch of a new business or product, event or unique story, TJW Public Relations can conduct a short-term, PR campaign.

We will strategise, pitch and aim to secure your announcement media exposure in a range of print, online, TV and radio platforms.

Cut through the noise and elevate your brand 

Stop wondering how to get media exposure for your business. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, get in touch to find out more or to receive a free quote.


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