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PR Strategy | How to get PR
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PR Strategy

Receive a tailored PR strategy and learn how to get PR

Receive a tailored PR strategy package, which will allow your business to implement a streamlined and targeted all year round media plan.

Through our tailored PR strategies, we have helped hundreds of businesses realise their potential to achieve greater brand awareness and generate media exposure. 

We work closely with your business to capture exactly what your point of difference is and your unique story. Through our experience, we strategise key messages, angles and timelines in order to connect your brand with the media.

Learn how to get PR

What do I get with my PR strategy? 

– An initial 1-hour consultation (phone or face to face) to discuss your business objectives, goals and target market.

– A range of tailored media documents which will allow your business to achieve ‘cut through’ with the media and substantiate claims, services and products in a newsworthy manner.

– Media contacts list

– A DIY PR Kit.


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